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SuperAntiSpyWare Review – Alternative Security Tool to Adwcleaner for your PC



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Here is another top-notch security tool, SuperAntiSpyWare for your PC. For most people, it will always be the ever effective adwcleaner.

Despite that being said, there are friends and families who
keep on asking me if there is any alternative to adwcleaner. Of course, there are many of them out there but I will give a comprehensive review on superantispyware, another PC security tool which is the talk of the town.

Why you should use SuperAntiSpyware

As technology continues to grow, then the birth of several malicious creations. Superantispyware, a defense against these creations has been around for several years.Security tool

It is a software which helps you to keep your computer in perfect condition by identifying threats such as malware, worms, variance tv adware, noad steep tv, spyware, trojans, ransomware, hijackers, rootkits, keyloggers and several more out there.

In the world we live in, there is a belief that the easiest way to get infected is through the use of portable devices, the one we usually called Flash drive or USB drive. USB flash drives are used for data storage which has the ability to transfer files from one system to another.

Sadly, not without the disadvantages that come with using a portable disk but with proper and good control, your PC can be free from any threats.

The good thing is there is a company dedicated to making sure you are free from any attempts on your system. Superantispyware will ensure that as it helps you identify any threats against your system.

There is something for everyone, no matter whichever fits into your budget. You can decide to download the software at no cost which is basically tagged as the free version.

The Superantispyware free edition works almost as fine as the pro version but the downside is there is no planned for automatic or real time updates. Get the free version here

You might be stuck for a long time. It can be totally useless as you can only identify an existing threats but could be handicapped by incoming threats. I would always advise you to switch over to superantispyware pro.

Now that I have been able to convince you on the need to get the pro version, you are also allowed to have multiple scans and newsletter settings on the pro version.

For the doubting thomases in the house who always ask for try out. There is a provision for that, Click on the link to download the trial version. It is a 14 days access with full benefits of superantispyware. During the 14 days interval, you should have been able to make a decision as regard the PC software.

On upgrade from free version or trial version to superantispyware pro, you will pay $29.95.

Does superantispyware remove virus?

You might get disappointed with my answers but the truth still need to be told. Superantispyware is no replacement for avast, norton or any other related antivirus software.

I had so much expectation when I got mine thinking I do not need an antivirus until I knew better later.

Superantispyware is designed to work with a antivirus software and should not be seen as substitute for it. The software can help to detect but wont remove it so you need the the likes of norton to take care of those malicious threats.

The software is mostly concerned with other threats like adware, spyware, worms, crimeware, rootkit and others as carefully laid on this part of article.

If you really want a straight answer on if superantispyware really remove virus, the answer is NO. To make it more formidable, get a good antivirus with it and you can be sure of perfect defense against attacks.

Superantispyware for android

Having superantispyware for android would have been cool if they are able to replicate the PC version. Unfortunately, it is not happening anytime sooon as there is still no plan for superantispyware for android.

How to use superantispyware

You will need to download the software from the official site. After downloading, double click or tap twice, “Superantispyware.exe“. A pop box will appear with an attempt to start the installation process.

  1. Follow the prompts and click on finish to confirm the installation process.
    The software will start automatically on your computer with a message being displayed on your computer screen asking you to select your preferred language. The default language is english but you can decide to change to another.
  2. The next task is to update the software definitions. You will be prompted to update it, all you need to do is to click on Yes.
  3. After updating, a welcome screen page will appear and then be prompted with a message asking if you would like Superantispyware to protect your homepage.
    You can decide how you want your scanning to be done by going to the preferences button to set as you want it.
  4. After scanning, you may likely see the results if there are virus on the system. All you to do is quarantine the threats or complete the removal process. To do that, punch the next button to remove those malicious files.
  5. Restart your PC to complete this process. Your PC is now cool to use and no longer affected by any malware or adware.

How to remove superantispyware from your PC

You have made use of the trial version but you still do not see any reason to purchase the software? You can always uninstall from your computer.

  1. You can still switch to the free version if you don’t think it is worth investing on.
    To uninstall the software, simply close all running software or games on the PC.
  2. Navigate to your control panel. If you are unable to find your way, use the search to get up to speed. Type, “Control Panel” on the empty space provided or go to
    Start > Control Panel.
  3. Click on, “add or remove programs”. A new page will open which will show list of already installed programs. Among them is Superantispyware. On superantispyware, click on remove button to uninstall.
  4. Confirm deletion by restating your PC.Adware variance tv virus defense

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Top eleven 2019 review – Why is still the best online soccer game for everyone



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Top eleven is inarguable the best online football manager. Ever wanted a platform to show how much of a tactician you are?

You may never come close to managing a real football club or even in your locality. Yet, Top eleven football manager gives you a chance.

The twist and the expectations are imbibed in the game. Wanted to get the better of a superior opponent? You have a chance if you manage to find some weak points in the team. Just like in the real world, even the underdogs could have their day.

It is now 3 years since I joined and Jose Mourinho deservedly remains the face of top eleven. We have seen Mourinho get the better of superior teams because he knows how to win ugly. For him, winning is all that matters. It does not matter what you do to win as at the end of the day, it is the scoreline that counts.

I have had my hands on pes club manager and soccer manager, yet I always go back to top eleven because it affords me the chance to put my wits against managers from around the world and also it is more realistic.

Most of the soccer manager games currently on the store, you can afford to play through in few hours but top eleven has it timed just like what is obtainable in the real football world.Top eleven records

Features of Top Eleven

  • Football association matches
  • Champions league competition
  • Super cup competition
  • kits designs
  • Licensed teams
  • Customized crest
  • Customized stadium
  • Super league competition
  • Cup game
  • Customized teams
  • Licensed players
  • It comes with a cool background soundtrack to gel you into the moment
  • You can train players on your own
    buying of players from aution, negotiation, recommended players and scout.
  • Players with exceptional skills can be bought on any of the sales platform
  • Set ticket price for each of the competition
  • Checking of statement of account
  • Receive sponsorship
  • TV rights fees
  • Promotion and relegation of teams
  • Live commentary
  • Challenge managers in competitions
  • You can decide to give your team instruction while on the line. Defend when it suits you, possess or turn into full attack mode.

Where to download Top Eleven 2019 apk

For those on android, you can get it from the Playstore

It is also available on apple store if you are iphone user, simply go to the apple store to download top eleven 2019.

Best training drill on top eleven

Managers do complain of losing much energy when they train prayers. I have been there too and I totally understand how it feels.

It’s always been trial and error till I finally found a perfect training which does not consume your energy much yet give your players good upgrade.

Best training drill on top eleven soccer manager is warm up > pass, go and shoot > skill drill > piggy in the middle > use your head > stretchTraining top eleven

You only lose not more than 7% to 8% of the condition when you train using the drills.

Best formation and tactics

There do not seem to be the best formation and tactics on top eleven. My own advice is you invest in top wingers and attacking midfielder (Amu) with exceptional skills as they seem to score more goals, even more than the strikers.

Getting players with exceptional skills in every department would give your team a boost.

If you really want to adopt formation that had worked for me then I will suggest you use 4-2-3-1.

For tactic on top eleven

  • Team mentality – Attacking
  • Focus passing – mixed; if you are chasing the game, you can switch to down both flanks
  • Passing style – mixed
  • Force counter attacks – on
  • Pressing style – low
  • Tackling style – normal; if you need to toughen up the defense, change to high but it will make your players get tired quickly. Watch your energy indicator to know whether to change or not.
  • Marking style – zonal
  • Play offside trap – on

Top eleven Info

  • First released: October 19, 2011
  • Downloaded: 200m+
  • Rated: 3+, contains ad
  • Language: 31 different languages
  • File size: 90.6mb
  • Website:


Top eleven for long has continued to be the best online soccer game with nordeus continues to update the game apk with features.

This is no doubt the reason why they have survived this long as managers always want to feel a new breath.

Top eleven 2019 has taken over from top eleven 2018, not without the overall improvements that make managers alway want to explore more of the game.

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AdwCleaner Review – A perfect security tool against noad variance TV adware virus



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Looking for a perfect security tool for your PC? adwCleaner got your back. We have been able to discuss to a large extent how you can manually remove those annoying noad variance tv adware virus from your pc. This time we will be introducing you to a perfect tool that makes sure nothing is left after the scanning.

For most people, they only know about the inbuilt app called windows defender, found on windows. This app helps to protect you against spyware, viruses and other threats to your computer. Not that windows defender is all bad but AdwCleaner can do much more with the various updates it gets regularly.

The app protects your computer against adware like ones common with variance tv and noad steep tv. What it usually does is to find them by scanning your computer and removes it from the system.
You are thinking that is too limited? It does more than that. It also deletes unwanted toolbars and programs.

Adwcleaner is one of the best software you can’t afford to ignore. It is important especially in these days of cyber theft, hijackers who want to have control over the browsers so as to steal your information and also for removal of unwanted programs and toolbars.Adwcleaner mac

AdwCleaner free download for your PC

Guess what? It is free to download adwcleaner and it is always as if it is not on your PC as it is very light. It also supports the major official language for your convenience.

You can go to the official website to get it done but if you are looking for quick one. We have got your back. Simply click on any of the links below to get the software.

Link 1:

Adwcleaner free download 1

Link 2:

Adwcleaner free download 2

Other alternatives to AdwCleaner

  1. Clamxav
  2. Dr.web curelt
  3. Emisisoft emergency kit
  4. Spybot
  5. Windows defenders
  6. Reason core security
  7. SuperAntiSpyWare
  8. HitmanPro
  9. Herdprotect
  10. Rogue killer
  11. Kaspersky virus removal

How to use AdwCleaner (Tutorial)

I will believe you have already installed the software on your computer. If you are having problem with installation, let me refer you to this link

Recommended site

Step 1

When you first install the software on your pc, it will start automatically start. Navigate to your AdwCleaner dashboard. Click on “Scan Now”

Step 2

After the scan is completed, you will see the results. You can choose to view the logs, cancel or clean and repair.
Click on clean and repair to remove noad variance tv adware or any unwanted obnoxious files from the system.

Step 3

Restart your computer to complete the process. Your Pc will come up better and effective after removal of those threating virus or adware virus.

Is AdwCleaner safe?

For those who are just getting into it, they will no doubt be sceptical about the software. I am using this as a platform to clear your doubt.

Although, there have been widespread reports that scammes are now making a clone version of the software.

Always avoid download from such sites other than the reputable ones. What the fake version does is to make you see that your system is being infected and then propose a way for you to pay for the software.

You are advised to always ignore the software but follow the official channels to get it at no cost.Adwcleaner fake

How to detect the fake AdwCleaner

Although the creators of this fake software has made sure it looks almost like the same but there always ways to expose them.

Pictures they say speak a thousand words, it will be of your interest to provide you with screengrabs of the fake adwcleaner.

Belows are the screengrabs of what the fake antivirus looks like.

Picture 1

Is adwcleaner legit

Picture 2

Adwcleaner mac

Picture 3

Adwcleaner free download 2019

Picture 4

Adwcleaner review

Picture 5

A perfect security tool

How to remove the fake adwcleaner

  • The good news is that the original software can remove the fake one.Download the original from any of the links above. You can save them on your desktop or in your download folder.
  • Install the software into your pc by double clicking or left click to run.
  • After installation, select scan now.
    When the scanning process is completed, make sure it is quarantined and click on apply actions.
  • Restart your PC to complete the process.

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Game pigeon review: Best game for kids and iphone users



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Game pigeon, another game slowly gaining the attention of kids and parents. For most parents, they have always been conscious of what games their children play online.

Having spent some quality time on the game, thanks to a friend who introduced me, it is safe to say the game is completely harmless and fun.

The game is best played on iphone through the imessage and for now, it has about 5 games with the company promise to come up with more in future. The games currently supported are gomoku, 8 ball, poker, sea battle and anagrams.
Imessage on the ios devices should not only be about live chat, sending and receiving message but you now have a way to go against your friends and family with game pigeon. It is a game which only two people can play.

For the most part of my time with the game, it is unbelievably responsive, everything works the way they should but the downside is the notification which never shows the preview of game activities. A preview could save you a lot of time, you can decide whether to respond now or just leave it pending.

Why you should download gamepigeon

Like I said, there is something for everyone. Are you the type that love to show your skill? Poker could grant you an audience. What better way to sit like a chinese guy and think of a way to outsmart your opponent?

Or you imagine being a war lord, leading a force against formidable opponent? Sea battle is just the answer. You can claim victory and later send cheeky replies to the falllen warlord.

And if you are a geek who loves to flip letters to get the actual word, anagrams is for you. Aside the fun and trill of playing, you can use it to add to your long list of words.

With anagrams, it wont be long before your english teacher starts taking notice of the rising professor.

Gomoku reminds me of a chinese movie I recently watched. The passion and intensity were not mistaken, glaring on both sides and with each party doing all they can to cancel one another. Gomoku, which is also called 5 in a row is a strategy game that two persons play with black and white stones.Gamepigeon

Game pigeon for android

As much as we all want it on our android phone, there is no official game pigeon for android. Of course, there is a way to have game pigeon installed on your android phone but I can’t give assurance that it will work smoothly and perfectly the way you want it.

Game pigeon is totally an apple’s Imessage gaming which gives you several option of games to be played.

How to install game pigeon on Iphone

If you are looking to install game pigeon on your ios device or iphone, the quick way is to follow this link.

For those who already is in their imessage, go to your imessage app store.

  1. Click on the imessage app store.
  2. Select and click on the dots below your screen.
  3. Click on store and search “GamePigeon” on the space provided.
  4. Select and click to install the game.

How to delete gamepigeon app from an iphone

You probably have had enough of it or you no longer fancy the game. Deleting gamepigeon app is quite easy.

The steps to delete will be shown below.

  1. Open your imessage app on your iphone.
  2. Locate the app, hold unto it until it wiggles.
    Immediately, you will see “X” at the top left corner of your iphone, click on the “X” to delete.
  3. Click on your home key to confirm removal of game pigeon.


If you are asking if this game is safe to play for your wards, i assure you that it is completely safe. The game is rated 12+, so naturally children whose age are above 12 can play but that is only on paper.
Anyone can play the game even those who have not attained the age of 12.

Another plus here is that aside from english which seems to be the language everyone is familiar with, gamepigeon is also available in Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese , Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

The downside for now is that we still do not have the official gamepigeon for android but we do hope in the near future, the company can check into where the market is.Game pigeon apk

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