Airtel Smart Talk 2.0 Tariff Plan: Migration Code + Benefits

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Airtel Nigeria which is one of the leading telecom operators in the country has come up with another prepaid plan called Airtel Smart Talk 2.0 prepaid plan.

This plan will finally change the way we use our call time, customers would now be able to enjoy extended call times by being on the tariff plan.

Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 is an awesome tariff plan for prepaid customers that allows them to enjoy voice calls at the best rate ever.

Airtel Nigeria has several incredible plans for customers and is backed by a great quality of service. Not even mentioning the ever-reliable 4G network for people with decent or premium smartphones.

Customers are always encouraged to visit Airtel office or shop for a free upgrade to 4G and with some cool freebies that would be given out, courtesy of Airtel Nigeria. When I did mine, I was given a whopping 4GB data and double data offer. Who knows, you might also be lucky to get even more from Airtel.

All old and new prepaid subscribers are eligible to join Airtel Smart Talk 2.0. If you have not yet gotten an Airtel sim, this might be the time to get one as Airtel is continually coming up with great and exciting products for her subscribers.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Talk 2.0

  1. Make mall to anyone on the local network at 11kobo per second from the 1st second.
  2. The daily access fee gives you access for 24 hours after initiating a call.
  3. SMS charges follow the standard rate and so is an SMS sent to an international destination.
  4. The daily access fee will not be charged until a customer begins a chargeable call.
  5. Customers will be able to migrate for free within 30 days.
  6. Enjoy 24/7 support customer service.

Call Charges On Airtel Smart Talk 2.0

It is almost difficult to choose between SmartTrybe and SmartTalk as they have the same rate but one should be able to see some clear distinctions. They are both great tariff plans but if you are all about calls, Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 might be the best for you.

For a customer to enjoy 11k/SEC on Smart Talk, a daily access fee of N7 will be charged. Only subscribers with nothing less than N7 in the main account will be able to make the 1st call of the day.

International calls will be charged at the applicable network rate.

SMS sent to local networks in Nigeria is billed at N4/Message. An international message remains N15 per SMS.

For those who love browsing with their Airtime, do know that Pay As You Use (PAYU) is charged at 5k/kb.

airtel smart talk

Call Rate Calculators For Airtel Smart Talk 

You should not just switch to a particular tariff plan because others are switching. It is important to know what you are getting but to make your final decision, you should point out if data is what you are most interested in or voice calls.

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If you need both voice calls and data bonus, I will oblige you to go for smartconnect 6.0. For data, I love my Airtel SmartTrybe but if you want to enjoy more talks, Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 is where to be.

Let us assume a customer purchases N100 recharge card after migrating to Airtel SmartTalk and he wants to know how much value he will get.

Take out the daily access fee of N7 from the N100 and we are left with N93. Calls to any network is 11k/sec, therefore 0.11×60 seconds= N6.6. A customer would be able to make not less than 11 minutes calls on Airtel smartTalk 2.0 and still have airtime left.

How To Migrate/Activate Airtel Smart Talk Tariff Plan

It doesn’t matter what tariff plan you are currently subscribed to, you can migrate for free provided you have not done so in the last 30 days.

Subsequent migrations within the same 30 days will attract N100 fee. You can avoid that by waiting till after 30 days.

  • To migrate to Airtel Smart Talk Tariff Plan, dial *315# from your phone.Airtel smarttalk tariff plan

How to opt-out/leave Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 tariff plan

Customer will be able to opt-out of Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 by dialling another tariff plan they wish to switch to.

There are lots of tariff plans available to choose from – among them are Airtel Smartconnect 6.0 (dial *311# or send Smart as SMS to 311), SmartTrybe (*312#), SmartPremier (*470#), Smart value (*314) and SmartTrybe junior tariff plan for primary and secondary school children (*317#)

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