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Top 10 Online Jobs In Nigeria For Students And Freelancers

The new wave of things around the world ushered in by the pandemic has awakened lots of people to vie for online jobs more than ever. Many are either working from home full-time or as a side hustle while they still keep their regular jobs. And one good thing about online jobs is that you can do it from anywhere and anytime around the globe without having to resume anywhere. As a student or freelancer, we have on the list the top 10 online jobs in Nigeria to be considered.

With these online jobs, you can increase your income and spend more on the things you desire. In fact, you can make the same amount or more than what you are earning on your regular job. Imagine what that amount will do to your finances if it comes often. These jobs help you save more and live better.

So, if this sounds like something you’ve always wanted, then check out the best online jobs below:

Online Tutoring

Do you know that there is now a vast opportunity for online teachers unlike before? People from different parts of the world are seeking skilled teachers who can handle various subjects very well to teach them. It is not important that you know every aspect of a topic or subject. You may be good in your native language or have some other special skills you can teach very well. It could be about cooking a special kind of delicacy, playing a musical instrument, or whatever.

You can teach the skills directly online or create an online course that you can sell. You may also want to create your website to teach these skills while monetizing your efforts through various means such as advertising networks, affiliate programs, sponsorship, membership, or by selling your own products.

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Check out sites such as MyPrivateTutor, TutorMe, Chegg Tutors, Qkids, VIPKID, and to get offers.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is virtually the most popular online jobs available for students and freelancers. You are very likely going to get jobs quickly as a skilled writer than other job opportunities. All you need to begin is to be good at presenting your thought in a required language, know about on-page SEO for online articles, and be able to do the necessary research on given topics.

Most businesses online need freelance writers that can help them publish consistent articles to keep their visitors engaged and returning for increased traffic. So, you’ll always get writing jobs. As a writer, you can earn as much as $500 or more every month. And there is no limit to your earning potential if you are smart enough.

Social Media Manager

You already have some skills in social media management. We all do – since we all use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit among others. However, it’s important that you upgrade your skills with adverts creation, analytics, and other necessary tools you’ll be needing.

You can learn so much on Google and YouTube to keep you abreast with the tasks. You might be employed as a marketer to generate leads for a company or to manage the image of the business online. You’ll get free and paid courses to equip you better on Udemy and Coursera.

Virtual Assistant

Several business owners do not have sufficient time to handle their daily work demands, hence they look to outsource people who can help them handle the job virtually. Some of the tasks you may be expected to do as a virtual assistant include planning trips, organizing information, creating content, graphics designs, booking tickets, and many more.

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The core duty of this freelancer is to help the employer save some more time for other jobs. Generally, as a virtual assistant, you must be top-notch in your communication skills and also be able to multitask. Websites like TaskRabbit and Fancy Hands would help you get started with getting your first client.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has become a big deal! People rake in huge money from promoting other people’s products and getting commissions on them. You do not have to be physically present at the company you are marketing for, neither do you have to meet your customers in person.

Simply sign up for one or more of the several available affiliate programs online – Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Clickbank, and so on – and start marketing their products once you are approved. You can market through different social media platforms or write reviews on the products on blogs while also including the product links which already contain your unique affiliate ID to track sales coming through you.

Graphic Designing

If you already have good skills with creating designs with different software, then you can get hired on different freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. You may be required to develop magazine page layouts, pictures, fonts, collages, advertising modules, and so on.

You can also find jobs on Freelancer, Craigslist, Designhill, and Naukri, or you can sign up on Shutterstock to sell your creativity.


If you are inclined in any language aside from English, you can translate or interpret for individuals or companies who need the service. You’d have noticed different social media platforms being translated into different languages with regular improvements being made on them.

You make huge cash by doing this. So far you are skilled in the topic being worked on and can translate well to the required language. Websites like,, and

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Survey Jobs

This job requires you to answer questions for companies who need them to improve on their products and services to their customers. You’d pick a topic and provide honest answers, after which you get paid.

To get started, join as many websites as you can and get involved in their surveys. Check out sites such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, and Survey Savvy. Depending on the type of survey you engaged in, rewards could come as gift vouchers, free products, or cash.


If being in front of a camera is something you wouldn’t mind doing, then you should consider joining YouTubers who are cashing out regularly on their channel. Just get started by looking out for your favorite channels doing very well online, and use them as a guide in creating yours.

Some great ideas to consider include talent shows, movie reviews, product reviews, makeup and fashion videos, gadget reviews, and lifestyle.

Web Development

Do you have some skills in web design and coding? You are surely going to find web development jobs online. And even if you are just getting started, you’ll find numerous resources to equip you with the required knowledge for the job.

Individuals and companies in Nigeria and other countries often give this job to freelancers who can deliver perfectly. But then, you must build a good reputation with your clients combined with reasonable pricing to give you an edge in the industry.

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