Union bank ussd code for that quick and efficient transactions

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Union bank makes services their easy, convenient and secured with their mobile money transfer code.

There are so much you can do, among them are airtime purchase, fund transfer, balance checking and account creation.

With the union bank mobile money ussd code; it can be used on any phone, available anytime and any day. We are basically saying 24/7 and you do not need to be connected to the internet before using it.

All you need to do is to make sure the mobile number you will be using is connected to your union bank account.

If you have not yet done so, go to your bank and ask that your account should be updated. You can also replace your number, if you have changed or lost your number.

You probably can’t wait to ask us the Union Bank USSD Code? Union Bank ussd code is *826#

How to get started with Union Bank USSD Code *826#

To join the growing team, you will need to register the code to enjoy the massive benefits of using union bank smart code.

To do that, dial *826# to register, a pop up box will appear asking you to select an option.

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Reply with mobile banking using its corresponding number, thereafter enter your union bank account number.

The system will require you to create your own 4 digit pin for the cardless withdrawal.

Quick link to register your union bank 4 digit pin is *826*5#

Do note that there is no cost when registering on union bank mobile money transfer.

How to increase your transfer limit using union bank ussd code *826#

To increase the amount you can send, *826*8# and reply with your debit card CVV code (the 3 digits at the back of the card)

Thereafter, you reply with your debit card pin to confirm the transaction.

How to transfer money using union bank ussd code *826#

If you are planning to transfer from one union bank account to another union bank account, dial *826*1*amount*beneficiary’s account number# i.e *826*1*3000*1234567890#

For transfer from your own union bank account to different bank account, dial *826*2*amount*beneficiary’s account number# i.e *826*2*3000*0987654321#

Do note that you will need your pin to complete the transaction.

Transfer to another bank attracts NGN52.50 (Vat Inclusive) while for one sent to union bank account is completely free.

How to buy airtime using union bank ussd code *826#

Topping up your airtime should not be difficult, union bank ussd code makes sure you get it done in a flash.

For self-top, dial *826*amount# from the mobile number registered with the bank. i.e *826*500#

To send to family or friends, dial *826*amount*beneficiary’s mobile number# on the phone number attached to your union bank account. i.e *826*500*08123456789#

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How to check union bank balance on phone

  1. If you own an account with union bank and you do not know how to check your account balance with the union bank ussd code.
  2. The first thing you should do is to register your mobile number using *389*032#, and reply appropriately.
  3. In a text format, then send BAL to 20132. The account balance will be sent to you instantly.

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2 thoughts on “Union bank ussd code for that quick and efficient transactions”

    • If you are using the union bank app or accessing via internet banking, you should see the information when you want to transact. Meanwhile, The mobile banking daily transfer limit via the application is N1 million naira, and N5 million naira via online banking. It would be lower if you are a tier 1 customer.

      If you are, you can upgrade by visiting the bank with your valid ID card, and any utility bill within last 3 months.

      Do note that this is for savings account.

      Thank you.


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