MTN Xtra Special postpaid tariff plan: Migration Code, Benefits + Charges

Are you a postpaid customer and looking for the same deal like MTN xtra special, or just a prepaid customer who wants to switch to another side? Bringing to you MTN xtra special postpaid plan.

Nothing is ever simple for postpaid customers, as the arrangement always comes down to prior agreement, which in fact enables the customer to get billed at the end of the month. The major benefit is that one could swerve his or her mind to other important things. Prepaid is more like pay as you go – you buy your airtime and pay for services upfront.

Why wasting time buying recharge every time when you can just pay in one lump at the end of the month?
Businesspersons and those who enjoy talking on the phone will find it very interesting.

What then is MTN Xtra Special Postpaid Tariff Plan?

MTN Xtra Special Postpaid is a tariff plan that allows postpaid customers to make calls to all national networks for a FLAT rate of 15k per second and to 18 selected international destinations from the very first second.

Benefits of MTN Xtra Special Postpaid

  1. MTN xtraspecial postpaid will be able to make calls to all local networks at 15 kobo per second.
  2. A rare opportunity is also given to subscribers to make calls to 18 international destinations for at 15k for each second.
  3. MTN XtraSpecial postpaid tariff plan does not attract a daily/monthly subscription or access fee.
  4. There is also special data of 4.5gb when a customer purchases N2000 monthly data bundle.
  5. Get access to all exciting products and services on XtraSpecial postpaid tariff plan.
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Charges on MTN Xtra special postpaid tariff plan

The charge is the same as Xtra Special prepaid tariff plan. A customer will pay 15 kobo for every second spent on calls to local networks.

Calls to 18 selected countries are also charged 15k/sec. The selected countries are Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, and The United States. Meanwhile, customers will be able to view eligible international destinations by dialling *408*2#.

Nothing changes for SMS rates, they are charged at their standard rates.

How to subscribe to N2000 4.5gb monthly data on the Xtra Special Postpaid

Customers will only get the special data of 4.5gb at the rate of N2000 on xtraspecial postpaid unlike xtraspecial prepaid where you have about two options.

You will be able to subscribe to the special data offer by dialling *131*110# or send 110 to 131. Another way is to send SP to 131.

MyMTN App also provides another channel to subscribe to this bundle plan.

Do note that monthly data is valid for 30 days and can be purchased multiple times.

How to migrate to MTN Xtra Special Postpaid tariff plan

  1. If you are already a postpaid customer, there is nothing to do, you are automatically on the tariff plan.
  2. As a prepaid customer who wants in will need to visit any MTN experience centre to migrate to Xtra Special plan.
  3. At the MTN office, you will need to sign off a Subscriber Agreement Form and present any valid ID.
  4. 2 passport photographs will be required to complete your migration.
  5. Fill a credit consent Form and bank confirmation form.
  6. You will also be required to present a photocopy of a recent utility bill. This could be water, electricity or waste disposal bill.
  7. A customer will have to undertake a credit rating to fully complete it.
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